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Shot Blasting Contractors in Toronto Ontario

Shot blasting is productive and efficient way of resurfacing industrial plants, parking garages and other commercial / industrial concrete floors and steel decks.


Shot blasting uses mechanically propelled steel shot that is contained in a housing over the concrete floor leaving an ideal surface for coating. The steel shot blasts dirt, grime, old coatings, and embedded chemical contaminants from the concrete surface, the shot is continuously reused, and the surface contaminants are collected in the connected dust collector of the floor machine. The contained process is practical in industrial settings with sensitive or difficult to move equipment.


Most floor repair or resurfacing failures are caused by inadequate surface preparation, improper material selection, or improper application of paint or coating. It’s important to provide a clean surface free of contaminants and defects with a profile or texture. Most floor coatings on concrete require mechanical bonding to be durable. Shot blasting is one of the best ways to prepare concrete surfaces.

Shot Blasting Concrete

Shot Blasting Metals

Shot blasting is an abrasive metal finishing process that is extremely effective for surface cleaning and roughening, coating, preparing for painting and finishing. A steady stream of small stainless-steel balls, called “shot,” are propelled under high pressure against the surface. Different sized (1mm to 6mm) and shaped shot can be used for different metals to achieve the desired result. Smaller shot produces a smoother, more polished finish, while larger sizes will leave a rougher finish. Angular shot known as steel grit is used for removing contaminants where more aggressive cleaning applications is needed. Another shot variation is chilled iron grit that is used for rust and paint removal. The aggressive nature of chilled iron shot makes it unsuitable for use on softer metals such as aluminum.


The basic types of shot blasting technologies are wheel blasting and air blasting. Pesada Painting Corporation uses air blasting, pneumatically pressurized air that is delivered through a nozzle onto the part surface. The nozzles can be operated in a fixed position or manually to provide a targeted steel shot blasting. The velocity of the blast stream can be altered as necessary, giving the user control over the blasting process.

Concrete floor after it's been shot blated

A clean decontaminated and roughed concrete surface is left after shot blasting.  The surface is perfect for a mechanical and chemical bond required by most paints and coatings.

Pesada Worker shot blasting steel pipe in Toronto, Ontation

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